Guyabano, also known as graviola, soursop, guanabanana, is the fruit of Annona muricata, a type of tree native to tropical areas, with a delicious fruit and packed with fiber, nutrients, and vitamins used in medicine and even cooking.

Guyabano's Explained Health Benefits:

Anti-Inflammatory - Guyabano extracts in studies show that they decrease swelling and alleviate inflammation by 37% which shows its efficacy against painful inflammatory disorders like Arthritis.

High in Antioxidants/Improves Heart Health and Blood Pressure - Antioxidants in Guyabano (such as luteolin, quercetin, and tangeretin) neutralize harmful compounds called free radicals which damage cells.  This neutralization of free radicals reduces the risk of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. 

Prevents and Treats Cancer - Studies show that Guyabano extracts reduce breast cancer cells by reducing tumor size, killing off cancer cells, and enhancing the activity of the immune system while leaving healthy cells normally functioning.  Another study shows that the Guyabano also stops the growth and formation of leukemia cancer cells.  In addition it is ten times effective than chemotherapy drugs.

Heals Wounds/Infections - Guyabano extracts are shown to have antibacterial properties in addition to its antioxidant components.  Studies show that the extract killed off multiple types of bacteria that cause gingivitis, tooth decay, yeast infections, cholera, Staphylococcus infections, and urinary tract infections.

Balances Blood Sugar - Guyabano has shown positive effects in regulating blood sugar levels.  Studies show that test subjects had a blood sugar levels that were five times lower than their untreated counterparts.  Even diabetic subjects reduced their blood sugar level by up to 75% when paired with a healthy diet and active lifestyle.

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